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Spine and Sports Therapy NYC

Everyday, more athletes are taking advantage of sports chiropractic therapy to treat their spine and sports related injuries.  Our sports doctors understand the unique physical demands of active lifestyles and provide a drug-free approach to speed recovery and maximize physical performance.  Whether you have a stiff neck or a pulled hamstring muscle, our doctors provide the latest chiropractic solutions to relieve pain and  support your active lifestyle.     

"Our goal is to help you to maintain your active lifestyle."

Request an appointment online or contact us at (212) 729-0856 to schedule an appointment.  We are conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan just steps from Grand Central Station and Bryant Park.

New Patients can save time by completing forms and verifying their insurance benefits before their appointment.  Please call (212) 729-0856 to speak with our friendly staff.  


Rock Climbing

rock climbing doctor nyc 10016Think you have a pulley injury?  Elbow tendonitis?  Shoulder impingement?  Rock climbing is a fun and exciting sport but just like any other sport, muscle and joint pain are common.  Read more ->

Sports Injuries

Staying active is important. Learn how chiropractic can help you recover from sports injuries.

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Exercises and Stretches - Chiropractic

Sciatica Video

Sciatica is a common and painful condition that affects nerves in the lower back and legs. Learn about the causes of sciatica and find out how chiropractic can help. Watch the Video


Pregnancy is a beautiful, exciting time, yet it can be stressful-- both physically and emotionally. Chiropractic, massage and other complementary therapies can safely relieve the low back pain, nausea, postural problems and anxiety that can come with pregnancy.

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