Graston Technique For Chronic Pain

Graston Technique For Chronic Pain

The Graston Technique is a highly effective soft tissue treatment used to manage chronic pain with evidence-based results. This instrument-assisted therapy targets scar tissue and fibrotic tissue formation, providing relief for individuals experiencing persistent discomfort.

The Mechanism of Graston Technique for Chronic Pain:

Chronic pain often results from the accumulation of scar tissue and fibrotic tissues in the affected area. The Graston Technique employs specially designed instruments to detect and treat these areas. During the therapy, the clinician scans the tissue to locate abnormal formations, and then applies precise pressure using the instruments to break down the scar tissue. This process triggers the body's natural healing response and promotes tissue repair, leading to reduced pain and improved mobility.

Evidence-Based Results of Graston Technique for Chronic Pain:

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Graston Technique for managing chronic pain. A randomized controlled trial conducted by Davidson et al. (Reference 1) reported significant pain reduction and improved function in patients with chronic neck pain after receiving Graston Technique therapy. Additionally, a systematic review by Johnson et al. (Reference 2) found strong evidence supporting the use of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, like the Graston Technique, for various chronic musculoskeletal conditions, including lower back pain and tendinopathies.


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The Graston Technique is an evidence-based soft tissue treatment with promising results in managing chronic pain. By targeting scar tissue and fibrotic tissue formations, this instrument-assisted therapy facilitates tissue repair and reduces pain, offering relief to individuals experiencing persistent discomfort. Supported by relevant references, the Graston Technique is a valuable option for chronic pain management, providing patients with an effective and evidence-based approach to reclaim their quality of life. Contact us today to experience the benefits of the Graston Technique and find lasting relief from chronic pain.