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We provide the latest drug-free solutions to relieve your pain, accelerate sports injury recovery, and to maximize your health and fitness.

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Chiropractic Manual Therapy

‚ÄčMost back and neck pain are from physical and structural problems.  While medications are helpful to temporarily decrease inflammation and relieve pain, a direct physical treatment will correct the problem instead of just numbing the pain. We use hands-on techniques to treat the problematic joints and muscles causing the pain.  Read more...

Graston Technique - Muscle and Scar Tissue Treatment

The Graston Technique is an advanced soft tissue treatment for muscle and scar tissue that restrict movement and cause pain. Read more...

Functional Feet Assessment

Pronation, supination and worn shoes can cause problems for your feet, knees, hip and back. 


Kinesiology Taping

Digital Posture and Movement Analysis


Treatment Goals

Pain Relief: We relieve pain quickly and naturally through direct hands-on therapies such as joint manipulation, deep tissue massage and spine decompression.  We also use advanced drug-free, non-invasive treatment methods such as Cold Laser Therapy, Graston Technique, Kinesiology Taping, Electric Muscle Stimulation and Therapeutic Ultrasound to maximize pain relief and injury recovery.  Many people choose chiropractic treatment for pain relief because pain medications can mask the underlying cause of the pain and have unwanted side effects. 

Mobility: Free-moving joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are necesssary for pain-free movement and flexibility.  Without normal mobility you will sprain and strain other structures in your body which can make your injury worse and slows your recovery.  Your doctor will use multiple hands-on techniques to immediately improve your mobility and body mechanics.  You will be provided stretches and fleixibility exercises to further help you maximize your mobility as quickly as possible.       

Stability: Muscle control and coordination are necessary to maintain good joint alignment to avoid injury.  Specific neuromuscular facilitation exercises will be used to stimulate muscle activation to correct muscle imbalances.  Poor stability leads to biomechanical compensation and eventually overuse injury of adjacent structures in your body.  Most exercises can be performed at home without special equipment so you can build your strength and stability quickly.