Virtual Visit

Stay On Track With Your Physical Health From Home

New York NY Chiropractic CareWe offer "Virtual visits" to provide you with the care you need from the comfort of your home or office.  Virtual visits, also known as telemedicine or telehealth, use electronic communication and technology to remotely provide healthcare information and services. A virtual visit connects you directly to our doctors in a one-on-one video conference through your cell phone, computer, or tablet for consultations and home based physical therapy. Virtual visits keep you on track with your physical health when you are unable to come to our office for a traditional visit.  

While in-office visits maximize treatment and benefit due to the ability to use manual therapy (hands on) interventions, many of our services can be offered remotely. These include range of motion assessments, orthopedic testing, therapeutic exercise prescription, risk factor reduction, in home workstation ergonomics, ADL (activities of daily living) changes, sleep habits, etc.

The process is simple! Request an appointment through our website, or by calling our office. Once you request your appointment time, we will reach out to confirm the time with you in advance. An email will be sent including a link and instructions for what to do to prepare for your virtual visit.