Joint Hypermobility Pain

Joint hypermobility is a common disorder that can cause neck pain, shoulder pain, a pinched nerve, knee pain, elbow pain and wrist pain. It is a syndrome that affects as many as 15% of the population and is characterized by the ability to hyper-extend joints beyond the normal ranges of motion. It is common in the shoulders, knees, fingers, and hips. The condition, which can cause a pinched nerve in affected limbs, usually begins in childhood when pain is generally worse because of bone and muscle growth. Interestingly, children with this condition can become quite adept at gymnastics and other sports that require increased flexibility.

Joint hypermobility symptoms include joints that "click", stiffness and pain in joints, joints that easily dislocate, digestive problems, recurrent sprains and sometimes loose stretchy skin. It is believed to be a genetic condition involving collagen, the protein in connective tissue. This connects joints to muscles along with ligament. The condition is sometimes associated with the hereditary disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Marfan syndrome. Both diseases affect collagen and cause hypermobility, as well as other symptoms. As with any joint condition, a pinched nerve can occur which will cause more severe immediate pain. Choosing the right chiropractic specialist can reduce pain during the sessions and improve overall outcome.

Testing can determine if the cause of the hypermobility is genetic and genetic counseling can be helpful if a more serious form of hypermobility syndrome has been determined to be caused by Ehlers-Danlos or Marfan's syndromes. In both cases, chiropractic therapy can be helpful to maintain muscle tone and normal flexibility to reduce sprains that cause shoulder pain and pain in other joints.

Several factors may be involved in the cause of hypermobility. These would include the structure of their collagen, the shape of the ends of their bones, muscle tone and the sense of the ability to move their joints. These symptoms can lead to a pinched nerve, shoulder pain, and pain in other joints. Cold laser therapy combined with chiropractic therapy is a very effective treatment for the pinched nerve pain, shoulder pain and other joint pain associated with hypermobility syndrome.

Cold laser therapy is a modern medical technique that has shown promise in treating a number of health problems. Also known as low level laser therapy, this treatment can be found at some chiropractic and physical therapy clinics.  This technology has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint disorders and pain in the lower back and neck areas. It has proven useful in helping the victims of strokes and traumatic brain injuries. When dealing with sprains and other minor injuries, it can reduce swelling and promote healing in the affected areas. The benefits of cold laser therapy come from the fact that living cells experience biological changes when exposed to light. This principle allows for the rejuvenation of damaged cells.

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