Non Surgical Treatment for Herniated Discs

A herniated disc is also known as a slipped disc. The discs are the rubbery cushions that are found between the vertebrae. These discs are a lot like jelly donuts. They have a soft center that is encased within a tougher exterior. A herniated disk occurs when the soft jelly pushes out through a tear in the outer doughy exterior. (Hungry yet?)  This condition can be a nuisance to deal with, but fortunately, there are non surgical treatment options.  

What Causes A Herniated Disc?

As you get older, the discs in your spine begin to lose some water and dehydrate.  This makes them more prone to rupturing or tearing. It also makes them less flexible. Lifting a heavy object can also cause a disc herniation because it puts a lot of pressure on the spine.  In rare cases, herniated discs are caused by a traumatic injury such as falls and car accidents.

What Are Symptoms Of A Herniated Disc?

Some people do not know that they have a herniated disc because they do not experience any symptoms. If a person does have symptoms, then he or she is likely to experience pain in the back or neck, arm or leg pain, numbness and weakness.  Sleeping can be difficult and sneezing is uncomfortable.  Bending and sitting causes the most pain whereas lying on your back with your legs elevated is most comfrotable.  

Herniated Disc Treatment

In most cases, people get relief with conservative treatments. Over-the-counter pain medications and light exercise have been shown to be very effective for minimizing back pain and herniated disc symptoms.  Most people will get better within 2 weeks without out further intervention.  

People may also want to consider seeing a chiropractor for herniated disc treatment. A chiropractor is a health care professional who has been trained to diagnose and treat disorders that affect the neuromuscular skeletal system. Chiropractors believe that the bones in the spine must be properly aligned in order for one to have optimal health.

The chiropractor will perform a thorough spinal examination. After that, the patient will get a spinal adjustment. The chiropractor will use the hands to manipulate the bones in the spine.

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