Pinched Nerve Treatment

A pinched nerve can cause sharp, radiating neck, arm, hand or shoulder pain. This can lead to weakness and a lack of coordination. You are more likely to suffer from this shoulder pain if you are an athlete and perform repetitive activities over your head.  Common activities such as working on a computer and sleeping on your stomach can also increase your risk for pinching a nerve.  

A pinched nerve can cause severe pain. The nerves that are most often affected are those that travel from the neck to the arm, which is why shoulder pain is common. We can help you alleviate the shoulder pain associated with a pinched nerve through the use of various treatments.  Graston technique therapy, cold laser therapy, ultrasound and electrical stimulation are methods we use in our office to decrease pain and relieve the pinched nerve. We will show you techniques that you can use at home such as heat and cold therapy, flexibility and strengthening exercises to relieve pain and prevent further nerve compression.  We will also show you the proper posture and ergonomics to prevent a pinched nerve from occurring. 

The Importance of Being Proactive

Often, the body will communicate that it is in pain. However, it is easy for you to ignore these warning signs. Instead, you must be proactive and seek treatments that will alleviate the symptoms of pain and avoid the long-term health problems that would result from ignoring a pinched nerve.

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