Treatment For Post Surgery Scar Tissue Pain NYC

Post surgery scar tissue is inevitable no matter what type of surgery is performed. The incision site and the underlying tissues heal with scar tissue that can cause pain in addition to stiffness and inflammation.  Scar tissue treatment after your surgery can relieve scar tissue pain and avoid excessive scar tissue formation.  

Physical therapy is very helpful to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments some or all of which may have been cut or repaired during surgery. Strengthening and mobilization of the healing tissues is the optimal way to produce healthy, functional scar tissue.  

You were given prescription pain medications after surgery to provide pain relief while you heal and go through rehabilitation.  Sometimes, standard physical therapy is not enough to treat post surgery scar tissue pain.   

When you have healed from your surgery, you may be surprised that the incision scar is still painful.  Massaging the incision site soon after and at regular intervals after the surgery can significantly reduce pain as it heals. The pain incurred at surgical sites can cause adhesions which are cumulative growths of scar tissue and other soft tissues at or around the surgical site. The cause of pain at incision sites is variable, but scar formation is your body's normal reaction to injury or trauma, including surgery.  While there are many massage techniques available, the Graston Technique is the preferred method utlized by chiropractors, physical therapists and athletic trainers to treat scar tissue pain.  

Even minor surgeries result in scar formation. The tissues that are damaged during surgery begin to repair on a cellular level almost immediately. Blood brings red blood cells for oxygenation of new tissue and white blood cells to fight infection, along with platelets to stop bleeding. Muscles, tendons and ligaments begin to heal by reproducing cells at the damaged sites as a result of insult to soft tissue in an effort for the body to recuperate. As the healing begins, the buildup of tissue and some new nerve fibers can lead to pain at the site even after a relatively pain free post operative period. 

Physical rehabilitation and Graston Technique scar tissue treatment is the best approach to ensure optimal recovery and post surgery pain relief.  Working with the surgeon's specific instructions, we will provide scar tissue treatments in addition to strengthening exercises that can work to reduce scar tissue pain. 


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