"I came to Dr. Tran after 8+ sessions with another PT practitioner. I had tendonitis in my elbow region (so-called 'tennis elbow'). The previous sessions did little to stop the pain and to build strength into the affected area. Indeed, I began to question the diagnostic skills of this practitioner and her set of strategies to remedy the problem. Dr. Tran immediately re-diagnosed the issue. His confidence and clarity about his unique 'deep massage' strategy really impressed me. Within four sessions my strength was greatly restored and the pain was beginning to lessen considerably. I am confident that Dr. Tran's aggressive approach to the tendonitis hastened my return to climbing. Through a series of exercises, I am able to maintaining my strength; and with occasional follow-up visits, managing any residual discomfort. I highly recommend him."


"I was always scared to go see a chiropractor but when i went in to see Dr.Tran I felt very comfy....he takes his time and answers every single question you may have..which not every Doctor does..he was very friendly and makes you feel very welcome...I highly recommend him."


"I work at a rock climbing gym in midtown Manhattan, right near Dr. Tran's office, and was referred to him by several of my coworkers. They've been seeing him for all their climbing injuries, especially chronic conditions related to overuse injuries, and Dr. Tran is always able to help. He's an amiable, knowledgeable and effective doctor who can identify your problem and help you with exactly what you need to do to correct it. We at the rock gym are constantly referring our members and friends to Dr. Tran, and I recommend you see him too."


"I'm the type of person that doesn't see a doctor for a while because I typically can't find one that I'm totally happy with. But, since I've found Dr. Tran, I'll never let an injury become chronic. He pays attention to soft tissue and tendons, works on alignment, does rehab with PT exercises, and is a good listener as well as good educator. My appointments are never too short nor too long, and I've only ever had to wait once for him to finish with another patient. Even then, he was only 5 minutes behind. And, the fact that he starts working around 7am means that I can go before work. I would definitely recommend him."


"Dr. Tran really cares and takes the time to answer my questions even when he is busy."


"Dr. Tran is so easy to talk to. I wish all my doctors were like him."


"I've always had low back pain and had severe cramps every few weeks. Since seeing Dr. Tran, my back pain is minimal and my cramps are much less severe and not as frequent."


"I had neck pain, stiffness and trouble sleeping for 3 weeks. During my first visit, the doctor adjusted and stretched my neck. That same night, I had the best sleep I've had in weeks."
Gary S.


"I hurt my shoulder lifting weights and it didn't get better for several weeks. The pain limited my workouts so I finally went to Dr. Tran. After 2 weeks I was back to my normal workout. He even showed me exercises to do so I don't injure it again."


"I injured my back a few days before a golf tournament and I couldn't walk straight. I saw him everyday until the event, including the morning of, and was able to play and finish my game. I wasn't expecting to be 100 percent better but without him I don't think I would have been able to play at all."


"He knows where all the 'spots' are in my neck and he really gets in there. All I know is that I feel so much better when he's done."


"Dr. Tran is one of the best chiropractors in NY. He doesn't just do an adjustment but spends a great deal of time to explain the issue and the possible ways to fix it. After an adjustment, spent time showing me different exercises to strenghten my back. His strategy of a 1 on 1 session works very well and I highly recommend him to anyone."



"I had hip pain for almost 10 years. After a few visits I felt almost normal again. He is different from other chiropractors I've been to in New York."