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What can be done for hip clicking and pain?

Correcting your body's alignment and imbalances can relieve hip clicking and pain.

Cycling posture can be a pain in the neck

Cycling can cause neck pain due to bike fit, riding posture, and muscle strain. Spine alignment, and mobility is important to reduce neck strain.

Low Level Laser Therapy For Joint and Muscle Pain

Laser Therapy For Pain ReliefOne of the biggest topics of discussion regarding hi-tech healthcare has been the notion of using cold laser therapy for pain....

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and Car Accidents

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is a common condition we see in our Westchester, White Plains, NY office in patients after a motor vehicle accident. See how Dr....

Quicker Sciatica Recovery with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Vinh Tran, DC, CCSP is a Westchester, White Plains, NY chiropractor who can help you recover from sciatica pain.